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Spring Pest Checklist

Affinity Tips for Common Spring Pests

Prevention for pests is always best!  There are multiple steps you can do on your own to help prevent unwanted pest this spring.  Check out Affinity’s Spring Pest Prevention Checklist.

Prevention Indoors:

Rule number one: Remove Clutter any where you can.  Areas that don’t get disturb often can make a nice and safe home for pests such as spiders and rodents. Reducing clutter and keeping unused areas clean will minimize places for pests to hide.

Kitchen:  The kitchen can be an excellent room for multiple types of pest to thrive in.  The kitchen offers unique areas for pests to hide such as cupboards, pantry, in/behind appliances as well as access to food and water. Keep your pantry tidy by wiping the shelves down with warm water and mild soap. Wipe down kitchen counters daily, wash dirty dishes and take out the trash, sweep and mop the floors.  Go a step further than regular cleanings and clean behind appliances such as the refrigerator and the stove. Check the area under the sink for and signs of pest activity and leaky pipes. Don’t forget the trashcan.  Even while using trash bags, they may still get dirty and smelly, give it a good rinse and wipe down the outside.

Pet Food:  Pick up the pet food and water bowls each night.  Bowls of pet food and water can attract indoor pests such as ants and mice to stick around, it also allows for easy access to food and water.  Having the bulk of your pet food in a store tight container is ideal, rather than just having an open bag.  If there is left over food in the bowl simply put in back into the air tight container.   Wash and rinse both the food and water bowl and allow for proper drying.

Bedrooms: keeping the bedrooms free of clutter and tidy will remove areas for pests to hid.  If there are pests in the bedroom, it will be easier to notice signs of pest activity in a tidy room.  Do not allow laundry to stay piled up.  Pests will hide in dirty or clean laundry, so wash and put away laundry to help avoid clutter.

Prevention Outdoors:

Lawn and yard areas can be home to a number of pests.  Lawn and yard areas can provide a number of hiding spots and shelter for pests.  Reducing clutter and lawn debris can be very helpful.  Keeping your grass tidy and mowing regularly will be very helpful in pest prevention.  Raking leaves, removing leaf litter reduces areas for hiding.  The same goes for all other plants around the property.  Keep trees and bushes trimmed away from the home.

Walk the property a check for areas that may lead to pests gaining access into your home.  Be sure to check windows and doors, ensuring that screens fit properly and are free from holes.  Doors should shut tightly, with no gaps on any sides.  Doors with poor weather stripping can allow pests to come in unnoticed.  Inspect foundation vents, making sure they are secure and free from any rips and tears. Check for areas that maybe collecting water from rain or from sprinkler systems.  Areas that have standing water be provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.  If you have a bird bath in your yard, the best thing to do is to completely  change the water every 2 days.

Keep your outside trash can clean.  Make sure trash bags are tied tightly before adding them to the trash can.  Spring is a good time to grab the garden hose and spray the inside of the trash can, removing any grime and possible food spillage.


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