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Best Home Pest Control Guide: 10 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask

Are you in need of some serious pest control? Do you have critters roaming the house that you’ve been unsuccessful in removing on your own? 

It’s time to hire an exterminator. 

But how do you find the best home pest control possible? You want to hire real professionals that suit your needs and interests. Do you know what kind of pest control questions to ask so you can find your perfect match?

We’re here to offer some advice. Keep reading to learn all about finding the right pest control business for you. 

1. Do You Have Testimonials or Reviews?

A good company of any kind is going to want to show off their happy customers and clients. The best pest control company around will have reviews and testimonials to back it up.

Some companies link directly to reviews and testimonials from happy customers on their Yelp page or Facebook. Some of them quote happy reviews on their website. 

Read through a few reviews on your own to see what people have to say. You can get a more well-rounded idea of what people are satisfied or dissatisfied with and see if the company is going to suit your needs based on this information. 

Satisfied customers are happy to leave reviews for people who do a good job. Trust their judgment!

2. Can I Get a Reliable Quote or Estimate?

Hiring any service is going to require a budget. How much are you willing or able to spend on pest control? 

Part of figuring out how to choose your ideal pest control company is being willing to ask for a quote while you’re doing your research. Remember: you get what you pay for but the lowest quote doesn’t signify a bad company just as the highest quote doesn’t signify a good one. 

It’s also important to know that the company will stand by the estimate or quote to the best of their ability. Sometimes things aren’t as simple as the customer thinks and there may be some wiggle room as far as the cost goes. That said, the amount you pay shouldn’t be a huge surprise to you when the job is done. 

3. Is Your Pest Control Company Licensed?

Not every residential pest control company is going to be as professional as you’d like. Check out the licenses and certifications that the company has before making your decision. 

A quality business will be happy to brag about their license as a part of their appeal. 

4. Do You Know About Pests Local to Our Area?

One of the benefits of a completely local pest control company is knowing that they’re able to handle pests in your area. There are different kinds of pests all over the country.  If you’re looking for someone who can handle pests local to Boise you need to find a business that’s been created and maintained in or near Boise. 

When you’re living in Idaho you’re unlikely to handle things like scorpions or lizards coming into your home. You’re looking at certain kinds of spiders (both venomous and non-venomous)  and the standard pests like ants, roaches, and mice. Local pest control companies should be experienced in the pests nearby.

5. Do You Have Experience With (My Pest Problem)?

Even companies who are well-acquainted with the local pests of Idaho may not have experience with your specific problem, especially if it’s extensive. 

Before you choose a local company, make sure that you describe your problem in detail. Ask if they’ve done something like this before and if they had, how they went about it. 

Even the best pest control companies can be stumped by a situation. Get one that knows how to manage the pest problem in your home. 

6. Is Your Pest Control Pet and Child-Friendly? 

Eco-friendly pest control is the way of the future. Pest control products can be harsh on the environment and any other living things in the home (including you and the children).

If you have small children or pets in the home it’s important to know that they’re going to be safe. Does your local pest control company guarantee safety for everyone in the home?

7. Does Your Pest Control Company Guarantee My Satisfaction? 

Pest control experts are human. While they’re experts in their field they may miss a thing or two while they’re doing their work. A good pest control company is going to fix their mistakes.

Is your pest control company willing to guarantee your satisfaction? Will they come back if there are pest control problems before your next scheduled visit? 

Ask first before you end up with a costly dilemma. 

8. How Much Experience Do Your Exterminators Have?

Experience is everything when it comes to pest control. How long have these exterminators been in the business? 

Pest control businesses aren’t new. Some of them have upwards of 20 years in the industry and they’ve seen it all. While a newer business may be just as good, a serious infestation might be better served by people who have seen one before.  

9. Do You Keep Up With Up-To-Date Practices? 

Because pest control companies have been around for decades some of them are going to use outdated products and technology. These things are often unsafe for the home or ineffective at removing pests (sometimes both).

A good company is going to be devoted to keeping up with their education. They’ll change their practice based on the newest innovations.

This lets you know that the products that they’re using are the best and newest ones for the job. 

10. Do They Offer Preventative Measures?

Some pest control companies might just want your money. These companies engage in shady practices like removing the pests but not setting up any preventative measures to help you to avoid a recurring problem. 

Ask about what the company does to ensure pests don’t return before your next scheduled visit. If they don’t offer you methods of prevention, move on to the next one. 

Let’s Find The Best Home Pest Control Experts for You!

Are you ready to evict those pesky creepy-crawlies from your home? Hire a qualified pest control company today. You’ll be pest-free in no time. 

If you’re looking for the best home pest control company in the Boise area we’re here to help.

Visit our site and contact us so that we can have a chat about your pest control needs. We’ll get you a quote and a free inspection so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best people for the job!

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