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The Best Pest Control for Roaches: How to Get Rid of Them

Roaches aren’t just nuisances, they eat up your personal items and can be riddled with diseases. If you’ve seen a few in your home, how can you evict these unwanted visitors?

Roaches are remarkably resilient. Unfortunately, that makes them difficult to kill.

They can hold their breath for up to seven minutes and survive after exposure to dangerous radiation. Roaches have even been known to keep going without their head!

Don’t feel like all hope is lost. We’re going to give you the best pest control for roaches strategies that can help you keep your home clean and roach-free.

Know the Enemy

Before you tackle your roach problems, you need to know the enemy. Roaches get into your home in search of the basics — food, water, and shelter — but there’s no reason to lay out a welcome mat for them.

For example, roaches love food that’s left out in the open. Don’t make it easy for them; always put away leftovers and tightly seal up containers like bags of chips or candy bars.

Don’t leave standing water around to quench their thirst. Keep your home clean and clutter-free so that there’s no tasty cardboard, newspapers, or other items for them to nibble on.

Roaches love to squeeze into tight areas. Seal up any crevices or cracks that they might use to enter your home.

If you’ve made your home as unwelcome to roaches as possible but they still show up, it’s time to try a little DIY pest control.

Determine the Population

Do you have just a few roaches or are you hosting a party within your walls? Find out by laying out a glue trap and counting how many roaches you see.

First, do a sweep of your home with a flashlight. Look around in popular roach hiding spaces like behind the fridge, under furniture, inside of cabinets, and more.

Second, lay out a glue strip wherever you think there’s a chance roaches will pass through. Check the glue strips once a week to see how many roaches you catch.

Once you know what the roach population is like, you can figure out the best plan of attack. For just a few roaches, you can tackle it by yourself but if you have a serious infestation, it might be time to call in the pros.

Bait Stations and Gel Bait

Setting out bait traps is a great way to reduce the roach population in your home. Both gel bait and bait traps have their pros and cons.

Bait traps entice roaches to eat poisoned bait. After their deadly dinner, they bring the poison back to their colony where they poison the other roaches.

However, these traps don’t look very appealing laying around your home. You have to monitor them and change them often as well.

Gel bait is a less bulky option. It comes in a tube and is easy to apply in high-traffic roach areas.

Although the gel itself is hidden, it works very quickly. That can lead to effective roach control but also dead roaches around your home.

Boric Acid

You can take out roaches quickly and effectively with a little bit of boric acid. Boric acid isn’t dangerous for humans but is deadly for roaches once they eat it.

Sprinkle it around your home to take out any roaches that try to overstay their welcome. You can even bait them to the poison by putting an orange peel in the center of a paper plate full of boric acid.

Here’s a quick recipe for a recipe that roaches find irresistible: mix 1/8 cup of boric acid with 1/2 cup of peanut butter. Place dollops of this roach poison around your home on paper plates or in bottle caps.

While boric acid isn’t entirely harmful to humans, it can irritate your skin. Play it safe and wear gloves, wash any surface it touches, and keep it out of reach for pets and kids.

Overnight Sticky Trap

Want to stop roaches in their tracks? Use a strip of upside down duct tape for a quick and effective sticky trap.

This method can’t be simpler: put a piece of food as bait on an upside down strip of duct tape. Place it wherever you think these sneaky pests are hiding.

Overnight, you’re sure to catch a few roaches. Talk about instant gratification!

Roach Repellent Sprays

Even if you’ve cleared your home of roaches for the time being, there’s always a chance new ones will show up. Make sure they know they’re not welcome with some quick and easy roach repellents.

These dirty bugs don’t like the scent of ammonia. Pour a mixture of ammonia and water down your drains to keep them out of one of their favorite hiding places.

Essential oils are another great way to keep your home roach-free while also making it smell nice and clean. There are several that you can use to keep roaches out.

Cypress oil, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oil are all great choices. Dilute them with water and then spray in any area you think roaches are hiding out.

Remember to read the instructions carefully when using any of these chemicals. Wear gloves, don’t let them come into contact with your skin, and never mix two chemicals together.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves aren’t just a great addition to many dishes. They have the added benefit of getting rid of roaches.

Keep a few leaves in cabinets or closets and of course, in your kitchen. Make sure to use new ones from time to time to keep the scent fresh and always keep your areas clean.

The Best Pest Control for Roaches

There are plenty of DIY roach control options you can try out. If you’re just seeing a few roaches and the situation is manageable, try one or all of these remedies.

Eventually, you might feel that the best pest control for roaches is to call in the professionals. That’s what we’re here for.

You deserve to live in a home without unwelcome insect invaders. Reach out to us today to tackle any problems you’re having with roaches or other insects!

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