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Mice Aren’t Nice! How Pest Control Professionals Can Eliminate Rodents

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Mice are annoying and you don’t want them in or around your home. As much as you despise that they are there, you don’t want to hurt them at the same time.

Read on to find out how our pest control experts in Boise can eliminate rodents.

Premier Pest Control Package

Buying the premier pest control package from pest control experts in Boise can cover many household pests, including mice. This package also includes quarterly seasonal service, money-back guarantee, unlimited free reservices if pest return, seasonal bug treatment, eco-friendly products, and certified technicians.

The process of getting rid of rodents includes the following.

Interior Treatment

The initial treatment is interior treatment. The inside of the home will be examined to see what pests need to be eliminated. It can also help prevent pests from coming back again.

Baits or traps for mice will be placed during the interior treatment. If you are having an issue with rodents one day, you can enjoy same day service. Affinity pest control will also treat the interior through based quarterly services.

Web Removal

Maybe mice aren’t your biggest pest issue. Spiders can be a dangerous annoyance too. If you have small children, it is especially important that your home has not been taken over by spiders or other bugs.

During the web removal stage of the pest control process, an exterior sweep will be done. This will remove all webs from spiders and even wasp nests.

Our pest control services in Boise include removing webs from all areas. Whether the area is a window, door, porch, light fixture, etc, you can sleep easy knowing all webs will be removed within the perimeter of your home.

Exterior Spray Treatment

The home will also be sprayed along the perimeter 3ft up and 6ft out. Doors, windows, porch areas, light fixtures, and more will all be treated with the spray.

Spray treatment is used outdoors for safety. Areas that pests have been or are likely to be around will be targeting with the spray treatment.

Perimeter Granular Application

A granular applicator applies pesticides to get rid of pests. It can also be used to improve the quality of crops around the home.

Affinity pest control includes a granular application in the premier pest control package around the perimeter of the home up to 15ft. The granular used is activated by water that can aide in the elimination of any pests in the yard.

Mosquito and Tick Shield

Mosquitos are one of the most annoying pests to have around. No one wants to scratch at an itchy mosquito bite all day. And annoying ticks can be dangerous when you come into contact with them.

These pests may not be on your priority list, but they should be. With a mosquito and tick shield, these pests won’t want to bother you or be around your home.

Affinity pest control will treat mosquitos and ticks monthly from May through September. Mosquitos usually become active in May, so breaking the cycle early on can stop them from becoming an issue.

This mosquito treatment has a high success rate because the cycle is broken at all stages. This is a major step to reducing and eliminating these pesky creatures. Certified technicians will inspect all areas of the property to look for spots that mosquitos breed in.

The Affinity Pest Control Premier Pest Protection package offers this process and other features to get rid of your pests. Other features include pest protection year-round and quarterly services. Also offered is a one time service that includes a 30-day guarantee.

If you can handle the mice on your own, but need other services you can still take advantage of our services. The mosquito and tick shield is offered at a stand-alone package.

Our pest control experts in Boise will get rid of your mice using traps during the interior treatment, but there are ways you can prevent mice from coming around. Check out these steps to getting rid of unwanted rats:

Pick up Food and Trash

You may have a mice problem because your kid keeps leaving crumbs all over the floor. Or maybe you are a little messy sometimes and forgot to pick up some trash.

The easiest way to ensure you don’t get rats is to pick up food-related trash in the home. If you have an outdoor rat problem, you may want to invest in rat-resistant containers. Be sure to keep trash and compost as far away from the home as possible.

Other steps to keeping unwanted rats out include putting food in rat-proof containers, picking up dog droppings in your yard daily, trimming tall grass, and getting rid of any wood or junk piles.

Look for Holes

Keep mice from getting into structures of the home or attic by sealing up any gaps or holes. Be sure to use the right tools to get the job done the first time.

Try to keep tree branches or shrubs from touching the exterior of your home, especially areas around the roof. Mice can climb these plants to find ways to get inside of the home.

Our Pest Control Experts in Boise Can Help!

Pest control experts in Boise are ready to help you with all of your pestering rodent needs. You can benefit from pest control in many ways. Keep yourself and your family free from spiders, mice, mosquitos, ticks, and more.

You don’t need to worry about those mice yourself, contact Affinity Pest Control today!