Mosquito and Tick Shield

About our Mosquito and Tick Shield Service Package

Total Package for Backyard Pest Control

The backyard pest solution

Our Affinity Mosquito and Tick Shield pest control service targets not only Mosquitoes and Ticks; but also ants and fleas as well. 

Mosquitoes and Ticks can be harmful to your family and pets, as they both are known to transmit illnesses. We also inspect for possible breeding grounds and will eliminate such areas to ensure treatment success.

Mosquito and Tick Shield Features:

  • Protects your home and yard from common outdoor pests
  • May-Sept monthly service for mosquitoes, fleas and ticks
  • Same Day Service Available
  • Unlimited Warranty
mosquito & tick shield
Starting at $59/Mo
Services are May-September
Protects your home and yard from common outdoor pests
Unlimited Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
Same Day Service Available
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Mosquito Inspection

Your technician will start with a thorough inspection around the property. Looking for areas that would possibly support the breeding of mosquitoes, such as bird baths, clogged gutters, flower pots without proper drainage and/or anything that would create stagnant water after rain or sprinklers.

Mosquito Treatment

Your technician will treat and target areas such as bushes and trees, pool areas, flower beds, areas with mulch and wooded areas to help prevent fleas and ticks.

Ticks & Fleas

Your technician will treat the yard to eliminate and prevent fleas and ticks, keeping your pets safe

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Pest Free Yard

One of the major steps we take to reduce and eliminate mosquitoes around your home, is breaking the life cycle at all stages.  We are able to eliminate those pesky mosquitoes on contact as well as prevent the reproduction and egg cycles from progressing.  

Your Time is Important

We know that you are busy living life and don’t have time to battle these pesky fun sucking pests. There are birthday parties and family get togethers that need to happen without the uninvited pests ruining the fun.  Affinity Pest Control offers flexible scheduling that will work for you. We offer services on Saturday to help accommodate your time and same day services are available if you call us before noon! 

 You Can Rest Assured with Affinity

We have family and pets too.  Keeping your family safe is important and our top priority.  Affinity services are performed by qualified, state licensed technicians with years of experience. You can rest assured knowing our services are kid and pet friendly!

Affinity Mosquito Free Guarantee 

We guarantee our services, if you still have pest issues between your scheduled services, we will provide a FREE re-service. 

More Pest Coverage?

Affinity Pest Control has all your bases covered with Pest Control and Bed Bug Control

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